The Lone Star is the brainchild of Joel Sked and Neil Zimmerman, who after creating their own separate websites dedicated to Chilean football, have decided to combine their forces for good. It is their hope to provide the football world with all the latest news on the sublime, entertaining and, on occasion, down right crazy action from the Chilean peninsula.

Joel Sked – Contributing Editor

Growing up we all remember our first World Cup, for Joel it was France ’98. Michael Owen’s goal, Dennis Bergkamp’s better goal, Ronaldo and Zizou. As a sprightly nine-year-old he was entered in a World Cup sweepstake with the chance of £32. A lot of money for a nine-year-old. Out of the hat he managed to draw Brazil. The giddy excitement of drawing the most famous name in football; those bright yellow shirts, with the young bucked-tooth striker and assorted talents leading me to victory. Zinidine Zidane had other plans. He still hasn’t forgiven the French master for sending him to bed with tears in his eyes. But ultimately Brazil had let me down.

Yet nostalgia allows him to remember another South American nation, one in which Brazil put to the sword en route to the Paris final – Chile. The red Reebok strip with its white flashes and blue shorts adorned by two great goal scorers; Marcelo Salas and Ivan Zamorano.  One of the truly great international strike partnerships with both going on to enjoy varying degrees of success in Serie A.

In more recent times Chile have re-entered the national scene with a strong showing under Marcelo Bielsa at the World Cup in South Africa where another exit to Brazil failed to destroy the positive feeling towards the side as they played an expansive, high-tempo style in what was a low scoring and slow paced World Cup. The positivity was taken into the Copa America in Argentina where they again were the team to watch, unfortunately getting beat by Venezuela at the quarter-final stage. It was because of this that he decide to create The Red One, a website dedicated to providing coverage of the domestic game, national  team and Chileans abroad.

And before we forget we must mention that Joel has a bit of an obsession with Mauricio Pinilla. One day it is dream that they can sit down and watch “The Lion King” together and discuss football tactics.

You can follow Joel on twitter at @sked21.

Neil Zimmerman – Contributing Editor

Neil’s fascination with Chilean football began in 2006 during a six week visit to South America when he had the opportunity to take in some football action. In particular it all really began on a cold Friday night when invited to attend a match between Union Española and Universidad de Concepción at the Estadio Santa Laura, the home ground of the aforementioned Union Española. From then on la furia roja became his Chilean team of choice. Following them in the eschewing years from afar was difficult and as solution he created viva la roja mierda as a way of following their fortunes and to share his love of Chilean football with a bigger audience.

You can follow Neil on twitter at @vivalarojamierd.

We hope that you enjoy The Lone Star and the interesting world that is Chilean football.


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