O’Higgins claim Supercopa crown


With Eduardo Berizzo in charge for the last time O’Higgins claimed the 2014 Chilean Supercopa with a 3-2 penalty shootout win over Iquique in the Estadio San Carlos de Apoquimbo after the match finished a goal apiece at full time.

Iquique, who themselves were under the tutelage of manager Jaime Vera for the last time, got off to a flying start with Rodrigo Diaz opening the scoring in the sixth minute. Iquique had further chance to extend their lead but in the 39th minute it was O’Higgins who were back on level terms courtesy of Luis Pedro Figueroa.

In the second both teams took turns to control proceedings although it was O’Higgins who had the better chances to win the match before full time, spurning two excellent counter attacking opportunities. What followed was a penalty shootout reminiscent of the one that decided the 2012 Clausura title with twelve spot kicks required to determine O’Higgins as a 3-2 winner. At one stage with the shootout at 2-1 five consecutive spot kicks failed to find the back of the net.

Converting from the spot for O’Higgins were Yerson Opazo, Osman Huera and goalscorer Luis Pedro Figueroa whilst Diego Chaves, Nicolas Vargas and Mariano Uglessich all missed their chances. For Iquique only Manual Villalobos and Santiago Romero could hold their heads high as Mauricio Zenteno, Cesar Pinares, Rodrigo Diaz and Rodrigo Brito all missed from the spot. The latter’s effort was Iquique’s last chance to stay in the shootout but his effort came crashing back of the crossbar and gifting O’Higgins the Supercopa title.


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