Rocket and ROFL – Rangers hit rock bottom

It is a bad time for Rangers de Talca. They are not only bottom of the Clausura but they have slumped to the bottom of the Acumulada table.

Players have not been impressed with manager’s Fernando Gamboa methods of having his charges stay together, under his watch, in the hope it will provoke a resurgence. Fans have not been impressed. Full stop.

On Sunday they had another crucial relegation battle, knowing a win at home to Antofagasta would tighten up the bottom of the table, with Huachipato having already won on Friday evening.

They played well and created a number of problems for the pumas but they found Jorge Broun in inspired from between the sticks – the Antofagasta number one picking up the man of the match award. They also finished the game with eight men; the first two red cards coming through thoughtless hand balls, with the third sheer frustration.

Although there is little you can do when the opposition score goals such as this from Luis Valenzuela.Valenzuela free-kick v RangersHowever, finishing like this from Fabian Bordagaray does not help matters: Rangers bad miss


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