Worrying about Gonzalo Sepúlveda

Universidad Catolica vs Huachipato

What if…

It’s been more than a week since Gonzalo Sepúlveda aka Chepo committed a foul that allowed Universidad Católica to ensure that his drew one-all with Audax Italiano instead of losing 2-1. Yes it has been more than seven days and we are still talking about it… can someone tell us why?

Let us see. These past few days people (not just Universidad Católica fans) have been talking without fear or favour about a young player whose only purpose was to save his team from defeat. Many people have harshly criticised him for the choice he made when faced with Audax’s Diego Vallejos who took the ball and was bearing down on Católica goalkeeper Cristopher Toselli. Everybody is trying to make him feel guilty for the foul he committed on Vallejos which earned him a second yellow card after only being on the pitch for twenty minutes or so.

What if ‘Chepo’ hadn’t stopped Vallejos in his tracks? I’m pretty sure that everyone would be talking about that too, but not in a good way. I can say with all confidence that they’ll be saying even worse things about Sepúlveda – like call him pecho frío or mercenario.

Trying to understand the reasons about people’s attitude towards Sepúlveda’s situation I recall the Copa Chile final between Universidad Católica and Universidad de Chile and this is where I found my answer.

People are not upset about this specific situation were ‘Chepo’ kicked Vallejo, people are worried about the talented los cruzado’s midfielder, who committed a foul even worse in the Copa Chile, when his caught Gustavo Lorenzetti in the chest with a high foot, which earned him a straight red card.

People are worried because they know that Sepúlveda is a player with a promising future, and no one wants him to lose his focus or cause damage to his brief career by making silly mistakes such as this.

We are not angry with Gonzalo Sepúlveda. We are just… worried.


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